Thursday, September 24, 2009


ni ha... gambo baby kat petshop...

pic 1 - ntah rm 100

pic 2 - lop rm 100

pic 3 - local rm 25
Saturday, September 19, 2009

cheat sheet

Rabbits can make wonderful pets whether you keep them indoors or in an outdoor pen with a shelter. Bunnies are lively, engaging, and endearing, and you can often tell how they’re feeling from their body language. Of course you want them feeling well health-wise, so you need to keep your bunny out of harm’s way and to pay attention to warning signs — keep emergency contact numbers handy, just in case.

Things to Keep Away from Your Rabbit

Some everyday things you don’t think twice about are dangerous to your rabbit. And some things toxic to you are especially bad for your bunny. Your hopping pet can do damage to household items as well. To keep everybun (sorry!) happy and healthy, keep your rabbit away from these things:

  • Antifreeze

  • Balconies

  • Carpet edges

  • Cleaning fluids

  • Electrical cords

  • Heating elements

  • Paint fumes

  • Stairways

  • Telephone wires

  • Toxic plants

How to Recognize a Rabbit Health Emergency

You need to be familiar with your rabbit’s normal condition and behavior so that you notice when something is wrong. Bleeding is fairly obvious, but raspy breathing may be harder to detect and just as dangerous. Contact your veterinarian as soon as you see any of the symptoms in the following table.

Handle an injured rabbit gently so that you don’t hurt your pet further, and be sure to use a pet carrier when transporting your bunny to the vet.

Symptom(s) Possible Cause
Bleeding Injury (Apply pressure to stop the bleeding)
Blood in urine Uterine disease in intact female rabbits.
Inability to stand; staggering Severe illness
Paralysis Injury to the spine
Rapid breathing, raspy breathing, heavy coughing Illness or infection
Refusal to eat Serious illness or mild colic
Severe pain indicated by refusal to eat, teeth grinding, and limping Injury or illness
Straining to defecate or urinate Intestinal or urinary blockage
Swelling on body part that’s hot to the touch Injury
Teary, closed, red, or cloudy eye Eye injury or infection
Temperature significantly above or below 101–103ºF Chill or fever
Tilted head Injury, bacterial infection

How to Read Your Rabbit’s Body Language

Although your rabbit may make some sounds when communicating, bunnies do most of their “talking” with their body language. The following list can help you interpret what your rabbit is saying:

  • Hopping, leaping, and racing: “Whoopee! I’m happy!”

  • Binky-ing (a high jump, with vigorous twists): “I am incredibly happy!”

  • Kicking: If being held the wrong way, “Let go!” or, if playing, “What fun!”

  • Circling: “I’m in the mood for love.”

  • Flattening: “I don’t want you to see me.” A scared rabbit will lower herself to the ground as if to hide.

  • Stretching out (on side or back): “Ah, life is good. . . .”

  • Ear shaking: “I don’t like that.” Frequent ear shaking can be a sign of a medical problem and should be assessed by a veterinarian.

  • Head butting: “Hey!” A persistent rabbit will head-butt you when she wants something — petting, food, whatever.

  • Stomping: “Warning” or, maybe, “I’m annoyed.”

  • Biting: “I don’t like what you’re doing.” A gentle nip is a rabbit’s way of saying “I’ve had enough.” You’ll be able to tell the difference between a nip and a bite.

  • Sitting up tall: “I’m curious,” or “Is there trouble afoot?”

  • Licking: “I love you.”

From Rabbits For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Connie Isbell, Audrey Pavia

Friday, September 18, 2009


Sebelum ni inilah kandang yang aku wat special utk rabbit2 aku.. besar & selesa pada pandangan aku. mesti sonok sakan rabit2 aku main.... kandang luas. Masa ni aku blur lagi.. ssebab mana boleh humban semua skali dlm satu kandang.... kena sekor sekor.. kalau nk bagi main ramai2 lepas kat garden ka atau lepas kat luar kandang.

So lepas raya nih, aku nk modified kandang ni... dlm kira2 ilmu hisab aku kandang ni leh wat 12 sel... cantik tuh....
Thursday, September 17, 2009


ni ha spot (buck).... angora mix.... aku ambik dia masa umur 1 atau 2 bulan, member bagi... actually dapat 4 ekor... lagi 3 mati.. hu.. hu.... tinggal dia sekor. Masa tu blur lagi... skarang pun dok blur lagi sebenarnya.... tapi aku akan wat comeback balik.... insyallah... tu yang beli mimi... dan akan sampai lagi 2 ekor doe....


baru beli tadi 16/9 9pm..... petshop kata lop ear... memang ler... breed /mix ngan apa x tau... x kisah ler... yg penting comel pada mata aku... hee... baru2 bulan... mimi (doe)....